2020 Opportunity Agenda

2020 Opportunity Agenda

Colorado’s General Assembly has an obligation to keep our state’s #1 economy status, while creating access to opportunity for everyone in our state.

December 20, 2019

Colorado’s General Assembly has an obligation to keep our state’s #1 economy status, while creating access to opportunity for everyone in our state.

Balancing the Scales – Keep Our #1 Economy – Access to Opportunity

The 2020 General Assembly can accomplish this by: 

Promoting and Protecting the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR)

  • TABOR has a track record of almost three decades of creating opportunities & making government more efficient and effective
  • By controlling government spending, the private sector can flourish
  • Oppose new taxes disguised as fees, including a billion-dollar tax hike for a state paid family leave program
  • Oppose illegally lifting the TABOR cap

Health Care – Lower Costs, Increase Quality & Access

  • As health care costs continue to soar, it becomes an ever-increasing burden on Coloradans
  • Democrats and Republicans  should come together to find solutions that will increase quality and drive down costs
  • Oppose a “public option” which would shift the costs of health care, decrease true competition, remove choice and access from consumers, and harm hospitals and health care providers

Continue to Improve our Education System

  • A strong education system creates more opportunity
  • Policy proposals should focus on directing more education funding to teacher pay and directly into the classroom, and less to administration
  • Colorado should continue the bipartisan work to increase education opportunities for students by promoting an “all of the above” approach to education that includes district, charter, private, and home schools
  • Oppose a uniform mill levy, which would result in even more inequality in our education funding system

Prioritizing Transportation & Fixing Our Roads

  • As one of the core functions of government, the General Assembly should prioritize the state’s $34.5 billion budget to make infrastructure funding a top priority
  • The $300 million of dedicated transportation money from the General Fund in 2019 should be continued, and it should be locked into the budget over the long-term

Supporting an “All Of The Above” Energy Approach

  • Our energy sector is vital to Colorado’s economy, providing jobs and contributing much-needed revenue for schools and local services
  • Government shouldn’t pick winners and losers in energy policy
  • Help fight back against overregulation stemming from SB 19-181
  • Oppose further regulations on energy that increase costs and disproportionately harm working-class Coloradans

Increase Transparency/Improve CORA Policies

  • Colorado’s public servants — including state employees and elected officials — should be held to a consistent standard of transparency and accountability
  • Document and communication retention policies for state employees should be improved and made more effective. Government departments should have a uniform set of rules.
  • In order to make our government more transparent and predictable for Coloradans looking for public information, State Legislators should be required to follow a uniform set of data retention policies 

See the downloadable version of Colorado Rising State Action’s 2020 Opportunity Agenda here.

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