Colorado Rising State Action Opposes Gallagher Repeal

Colorado Rising State Action Opposes Gallagher Repeal

June 1, 2020

Colorado Rising State Action will oppose a repeal of the Gallagher Amendment by the Legislature. A repeal will not fix the issue that really needs to be addressed – the school funding formula. 

Here’s a statement from Colorado Rising State Action Executive Director Michael Fields:

“Repealing Gallagher would only lead to even higher property taxes for Coloradans without fixing the real issue which is the state’s obligation to back-fill school district funding. A repeal would certainly have an uphill battle with voters in November, but the legislature can fix the funding formula during their session.”

Colorado Rising State Action has advocated for legislators to reform the education funding formula rather than creating a uniform mill levy or repealing Gallagher. Currently, the state is subsidizing certain wealthy school districts, while other districts (especially in rural Colorado) are getting the short end of the stick. We need to make the school funding formula more student-focused. 

Localities can and should have more control over the money they spend on local services and should do so through local taxes. 

Voters rejected a repeal of Gallagher in 2003 by a 78% to 22% margin.

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