VIDEO: What the national popular vote would mean for Colorado

VIDEO: What the national popular vote would mean for Colorado

June 23, 2020

After the Democrats in the state legislature and Governor Polis pushed through legislation to include Colorado in a move to overturn the Electoral College, hundreds of thousands of Coloradans from all political persuasions signed a petition to override them. This November, Coloradans will have the opportunity to make their voice heard on the national popular vote. 

Watch this video from True Colorado to learn more about what this effort would mean for Colorado:

The other side wants to confuse voters with their rhetoric, but the fact is that the Founders knew that creating the Electoral College system would mean that states like Colorado would always have a voice when it comes to choosing the president.  

“The Founders knew that when choosing a president to represent the entire country, we’d need something better than just agreement between a lot of people. We’d need agreement between a lot of people from a lot of places.”

A national popular vote would mean that no matter who Coloradans voted for, all of our votes would go to whoever wins in the high-population centers on the coasts. The vast majority of the funding for their campaign in Colorado is coming from outside the state — especially from California.

“People outside of Colorado want to control our electoral votes, and they’re willing to pay for them…But if we give up our electoral votes, how long before we give up our voice entirely?”

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