YOUR Signature Will Make The Difference!

YOUR Signature Will Make The Difference!

July 16, 2020

We have just a few weeks left to collect 125,000 signatures to get important conservative initiatives on the November ballot, and we need your help to get there!

We are helping promote signature gathering efforts for the “Vote On Fees” (Initiative 295) and Real Tax Cut (Initiative 306) ballot measures. It’s vital that we get both on the ballot to give Coloradans a chance to protect our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and have a chance at a successful economic recovery. See below for more information on both initiatives. 

Visit for a list of locations and times where signature gathering efforts will take place. 

Vote on Fees – Initiative 295 

It’s time to put an end to massive fees and enterprises being used to grow our state budget while avoiding voter approval under our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR). Two-thirds of state revenue now falls outside of TABOR. We need to do a better job of managing our state’s more than $30 billion budget. The status quo of continuing to grow and create new state programs and finance them off of “fees” needs to end. Initiative 295 requires all new legislative enterprises, fees and surcharges with revenue of $100,000,000 or more in the first 5 years to be placed on the ballot. 

Real Fair Tax – Initiative 306

The purpose of Initiative 306 is to Energize Our Economy with a REAL fair tax cut, reducing Colorado’s income tax rate from 4.63% to 4.55%. This stands in contrast to a progressive income tax increase which also may be placed on the ballot which would raise $2 billion a year in new income taxes. Colorado is suffering from recession and high unemployment. Initiative 306 lets families keep more of what they earn and gives an incentive for businesses to expand and locate here.

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