Fields: Gallagher repeal full of ballot language abuse

Fields: Gallagher repeal full of ballot language abuse

August 17, 2020

Do you know anyone with 43 years of education? According to Ballotpedia, a person needs this much formal education to read and comprehend the ballot initiative to repeal Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment.

Repealing the Gallagher Amendment will have big, long-term impacts on property taxes — and the state legislators who wrote and passed this referendum are doing a disservice to Coloradans by making it so difficult to understand.

Not only is it confusing, it’s also extremely biased. The first sentence of the ballot initiative starts: “Without raising property tax rates.” This is misleading because if Gallagher is not repealed, our residential assessment rate is projected to be 5.88%. If Gallagher is repealed, that rate will be 7.15%. Put simply, this is absolutely a tax increase.

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